Online Accounting Masters Degree

What is an Online Accounting Masters Degree?

Online Accounting Masters Degree programs are offered across top accounting schools around the world. Nowadays, even community colleges and other brick and mortar colleges around the world are offering online accounting degrees into their curriculum and a handful of them are offering online accounting masters programs. This course includes a thorough detailed  study of the accounting cycle, cost, inventory valuation, risk management, legal laws and tax accounting and statement analysis. For an online accounting master degree, you are able to complete it through distance learning and at the same time continue working at your current job as you progress at this career path.


Our Top Accounting Masters Degree Universities for 2012



M.B.A in Accounting


M.Sc in Accounting


Liberty University – M.B.A & M.S in Accounting. Liberty University provides one of the best online accounting degrees in the country. They are an accredited institution which provides a well-recognized accounting qualification to their students.


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Masters of Accounting and Financial Management

DeVry University – Masters of Accounting and Financial Management. DeVry University is respected throughout the industry as one of the leading accounting universities. DeVry University has worked closely with today’s market leaders to develop an accounting curriculum to meet the needs of top businesses.


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M.S in Accounting


M.S in Accounting – Audit Specialization


M.S in Accounting – Finance Specialization


M.S in Accounting – Government Specialization


Kaplan University – M.S in Accounting. Long trusted as one of the leading names in the education world, Kaplan is one of the best online schools in our list providing accredited accounting programs. Kaplan University also provides specialized accounting programs which includes Audit, Finance & Government Specialization.


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M.B.A in Accounting


American Intercontinental University – M.B.A in Accounting. AIU offers an excellent M.B.A in Accounting program at one very affordable rate. Students looking to pursue an upper level degree will find exactly what they are looking for at AIU.


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M.B.A in Accounting


M.S in Accounting


Grand Canyon University – M.B.A & M.S in Accounting. Grand Canyon University has been a premier private university in Arizona, helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential through landing the accounting career of their dreams and advancing their accounting career path.


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M.S in Accounting


Walden University – M.S in Accounting. Walden University provides a diverse community of accounting career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change.


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Masters Degree Accounting Online Courses & Curriculum

The subjects covered in this course will differ from different universities or colleges. The most common subjects taught in an online accounting master degree are :-

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Budget Management
  • Taxation
  • Law & Ethics
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Accounting Systems

Completing Your Accounting Masters Degree Online

After completion of your online accounting degree, many career paths and options are made available. With a master degree in accounting, it will help you with the necessary skills and knowledge to potentially be one of the top accountants in an organization. This course usually covers topics about cash flow, methods of payment, cash flow analysis, risk calculation and other minor topics related to the business, accounting and finance field. Completing this accounting degree online will conveniently fit you into your daily schedule because you are able to work full time and at the same time work on your course. On a side note: Having a discipline on preparing your timetable is a must to excel and succeed in the completion of a masters degree in accounting online. On another note: An online masters degree in accounting is a challenging course but with that said, it comes with a good reward.

Careers With An Online Accounting Masters Degree

Online accounting masters degree programs from an accredited institution will sky rocket a graduates ease of landing a job. Multiple huge organizations are constantly looking for fresh graduates in this field of accounting. The average starting salary of a fresh accounting degree graduate is approximately $61,000 per year.  To boost up the salary, accounting masters programs and phd programs in accounting are available online to increase an  individuals education and qualification. There are also several types of degrees in accounting to choose from.

For careers in the accounting field, there are numerous to choose from which includes bookkeepers, tax managers, auditors, public accountants, forensic accountants and so much more. With that said, it is highly beneficial to you and your career as this field of professions will always be in demand as long as money runs the world.

Students who are looking for extensive accounting training should definitely take a look at  online Accounting Masters programs. These programs are specifically designed for students seeking to improve their basic knowledge on accounting and bring it to a more advanced level. Graduates would hold a good foundation of the basics of accounting and possess great knowledge on financial accounting and reporting, budgeting and developing accurate tax reports.

Getting your masters of accounting degree can be a challenging task but a more rewarding career will follow up. Enrolling into a masters degree in accounting online requires several requirements. The requirements for a masters degree in accounting online is a tougher barrier to break compared to most online degrees or even offline degrees.

The Requirements For An Online Accounting Masters Degree

Getting enrolled into an online accounting masters degree, a graduate must or is required to have an undergraduate/bachelors accounting degree. Some universities are less strict and accept graduates with a business or finance degree or even interested students with relevant work experience in the business industry. The graduate’s bachelor or undergraduate degree must include several core subjects like financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, business law, company law and the basic fundamentals of accounting. Graduates also have to achieve a minimum GPA in order to qualify for this degree. The undergraduate GPA has to be above the requirements for their chosen university. The higher ranking of the university, the higher the GPA requirements. The minimum amount of credit hours the AICPA requires in an online accounting masters program is 32 and 15 out of 32 must be accounting related. The other 17 hours must be concentrated on other aspects of the course. 

Most graduates taking this course have the set goal of achieving 155 credit hours which is the requirements for the CPA (Certified Public Accounting) exam. Graduates usually take the exam after completing their bachelors or masters degree depending after they have achieved the required number of hours.

CPA with Online Accounting Masters Degree

Graduates moving on to do their CPA exam after completing their online accounting masters degree program can be highly beneficial to their accounting career. The accountancy boards require students to have the minimum core accounting subjects in either their bachelors or masters degree before moving on to their CPA examination.