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Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Graduate Accounting Certificate

In general, a graduate certificate, also known as the diploma, is the fastest course of academic progress. According to experts, this is considered to be the most affordable type of credential there is. A graduate certificate in accounting aims to develop a person’s competency and aptitude in accountancy. It can be made up of a minimum of three accounting courses and a maximum of twelve. The time frame usually ranges from about a year up to a 1 ½ years. However, there are also some instances wherein you will find graduate certificates that are much more costly compared to undergraduate certificates. But as earlier noted, this is not always the case. You just have to look around and assess your options.

Requirements for Graduate Certificate in Accounting

In order to acquire your own accounting graduate level certification, there is a common requirement – a completed bachelor’s degree or undergraduate diploma. Take note that you do not necessarily have to finish Accountancy or related courses for your undergraduate degree in order to qualify. In rare cases, there are special cases wherein even those without a bachelor’s degree can qualify for a graduate level certification. In order to clear these matters out, it is highly recommended for you to check out the specific Read More >>



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Obama Accounting Tricks To Hide The Cost of the Drug War

Mike Riggs on 3 Accounting Tricks the Obama Administration Uses ... reason.com7/8/12 "Since day one, President Obama has led the way in reforming our Nation's drug policies by, among other things, addressing drug use and its consequences as a public health problem,” reads a statement posted on We the People, the petition site started by the, er, Obama administration. If you've been the victim of a federal raid—one in which, say, your two-year-old was yanked out if his crib—or worked at one of the 500 California medical pot dispensaries the DEA and the IRS have shut down in the last year, you're probably rolling your eyes right now. No way, no how, has Obama ended the war on drugs. So why does the drug czar insist that he has? Magical thinking helps, writes Associate Editor Mike Riggs, but so does magical accounting. Washington's drug warriors have relied for decades on wacky stats and context-free claims to justify banning some drugs while rubber-stamping the sale of others. Fuzzy campaign promises aside, the Obama administration is no different. Here are three Read More >>



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An Accounting Degree from Fremont

www.fremont.edu7/1/12 Fremont's University of Company has the devices you require to be successful. Our University of Company provides you accessibility to the courses you require to construct a tough base for your future. Check out even more regarding the University of Company as well as the accounting profession programs you'll identify right here. The University of Company Elements the Adhering to Level Options: Bachelor Of Arts Level Show-- Company Management Affiliate Of Arts Level Course-- Company Administration with a concentration on Online marketing, Social Media Advertising, Accounting, and also Individual Resources. Our well-built method to accounting levels permits you to acquire important abilities in numerous regions as you obtain the accounting training you want. In addition to accounting programs, you will definitely have the ability to go to programs on Online marketing, Social Media Advertising, Individual Resources, and also more. When you're all set to obtain your accounting profession began, we're right here to Read More >>



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