Diploma in Accounting

Introduction to Diploma in Accounting

Earning a diploma in accounting is the next step after earning a certification in accounting. If you see yourself having a career in accounting for sometime, then you should definitely pursue an accounting diploma. A diploma in accounting will open many doors for you in the field of accounting.

Those doors will lead to multiple amazing job opportunities, higher level accounting positions, and access to superior domestic and international accounting firms. So read on and take a look at what exactly accountants do for a living, how an accountant diploma can help you, and what the typical course structure looks like for a diploma in accounting and finance.


Our Top Accounting Diplomas Schools for 2012

strayer uni 300x82 Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting


Undergraduate Certificate – Accounting: Advanced Accounting Emphasis


Undergraduate Certificate – Accounting: Introductory Accounting Emphasis


Strayer University - Diploma in Accounting. Strayer University offers a wide range of diploma programs for accounting students. Their online accounting diplomas are well known and well trusted.

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post university 300x82 Diploma in Accounting

Certificate: Forensic Accounting


Post University - Certificate in Accounting. Post University offers excellent accounting certificate programs for students. In addition to their accounting certificate programs, they also offer certificates for CPA and forensic accounting.

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western international uni 300x82 Diploma in Accounting

Certificate in Accountancy

Western International University - Certificate in Accountancy. Western International University is one of the well-known universities to offer a wide range of accredited online programs. Their accounting certificates enable you to quickly prepare for your career.

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How a Diploma in Accounting Can Help You 

First of all, a diploma in accountancy will automatically qualify you for certification as a CPA, CFM, or CMA. Both aspiring and current accountants can benefit by earning an accounting diploma online because the higher accounting training will overall enhance your professional development. Secondly, after studying topics such as advanced accounting principles, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and business finance modules, you will find yourself prepared for many advanced accounting positions.

These positions include, but are not limited to, Senior Accountant and Accounts Team Manager. After achieving an advanced diploma in accounting, you can also expect your salary to rise. Depending on your level of experience and the geographical area you work in, your salary as a professional accountant can range anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 per year. Of course, it is not uncommon for some accountants to earn as much as $107,000 per year. An accountant’s salary really depends on his or her work load and his or her level of education. That is why earning a degree in accounting is so important. Getting an accounting degree can further boost your salary as an accountant.

Diploma in Accounting Typical Course Structure

If you are serious about getting an advance diploma in accounting, then you may want to consider pursuing a diploma in accounting and finance. A diploma of accounting and finance will give you the best of both worlds for your accounting career by equipping you with more tools than other accountants have. Your in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance will make you very appealing to potential employers as well. Here is the general course structure you can expect while earning an accounting diploma at a college or while earning an online accounting diploma:

Part 1
1. Bookkeeping and Finance
2. Business Management and Administration
3. Economics for Businesses
4. Interpreting and Analyzing Information

Part 2

5. Accounting in Decision Making
6. Introduction to Business Law
7. Computer Appreciation and Applications
8. Cost and Management Accounting

Part 3

9. Accounting and Financial Reporting
10. Auditing and Taxation
11. Financial Management
12. Management Theory and Practice

As you may have already determined, earning a diploma in accounting will easily broaden your horizons in the field of accounting. And you will be quite proud of yourself and your achievements as you climb the ladder of professional success. For students who want to make the most out of their accounting diplomas, there are other accounting diploma courses as well which includes a diploma in accounting and business.

Careers with an Accounting Diploma

For the most part, the job of an accountant involves overseeing the preparation and accuracy of financial records and taxes in an effort to help businesses and other organizations run smoothly. Specifically, accountants achieve this by doing the following:

 Ensuring that financial statements are accurate and meet the requirements of laws and regulations
 Calculating taxes owed
 Preparing tax returns
 Seeing to it that taxes are paid on time
 Reviewing accounting records and systems for procedure violations
 Maintaining financial records
 Observing financial operations
 Recommending ways to reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase profit

Therefore, earning a diploma in accounting will prepare you best for handling all the above-mentioned responsibilities.