Degree In Accounting

What Are The Degrees In Accounting?

There are several types of degrees in accounting and finance including accounting management degree, financial analysis degree, actuarial science and lots more. With an accounting degree, the possibilities towards a successful career life is within your grasp. The job opportunities a graduate will be getting with this degree is just endless. Major organizations are always on the look out for fresh accounting degree graduates. Graduates with a degree in accounting will proof to be a valuable asset for the organization and with that said, the organization will do everything they can to keep a graduate with such qualification meaning thousands of dollars in bonuses, less working hours and more quality working hours and much more. So, what are the different types of degrees in accounting?


Our Top Recommended Universities for Accounting Degrees


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A.A.S in Accounting


B.S in Accounting


M.S in Accounting


Kaplan University – Associate’s, Bachelor’s & Master’s Accounting Degrees.
Long trusted as one of the leading names in the education world, Kaplan is one of the best online schools in our list providing accredited accounting programs.


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A.A in Accounting


B.S in Accounting


University of Phoenix – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Accounting Degrees.
University of Phoenix has 20 years of experience in online education. University of Phoenix uses a dynamic curriculum to enhance each students accounting education with an interactive learning enviornment which makes it our 3rd Most Recommended Accounting Universities.


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A.S in Accounting


B.S in Accounting


Certificate: Forensic Accounting


Post University – Certificate, Associate’s & Bachelor’s Accounting Degrees.
Post University provides one of the best accounting degrees in the country. They are an accredited institution which provides a well-recognized accounting qualification to their students. For that it deservers to be in one of our Top 4 Recommended Accounting Universities.


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B.S in Accounting


M.B.A in Accounting


M.S in Accounting

Grand Canyon University – Bachelor’s, MBA & M.S in Accounting.
Their Accounting degrees are customized for accounting students who need a more flexible class schedule. Grand Canyon University also provides one of the best student support both on and off campus which makes this our 4th Top Recommended Accounting Universities.


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Levels of Accounting Degrees

Associates Degree in Accounting

The duration of an associate degree in accounting is normally 2 years. You will be able to find an associates degree in accounting in accounting schools, community colleges and technical schools. A graduate with an associate accounting degree will usually be employed as a bookkeeper, tax preparer or an auditing clerk. The salary will be very minimal compared to a graduate with a 4 year bachelor degree. With that said, with an associates degree in accounting you will be able to further your education to study for a bachelors degree in accounting.

Bachelors Degree in Accounting

The duration of a bachelors degree in accounting is up to 4 years. Currently, there are a lot of colleges and universities offering a bachelors degree in accounting. Within an accounting bachelors degree curriculum, students will learn how to estimate and draft a report on a business financial events, analyse income and financial statements and understand the basic process of auditing.

Masters Degree in Accounting

A Masters degree in Accounting is specially designed to educate graduates in management positions in corporate organizations. Students will be educated on taxation, auditing, financial reporting and financial accounting. If the students acquire a minimum no.of credit hours, they will be able to qualify to sit for a professional accounting examination like Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Types of Accounting Degrees

We all know the standard levels of accounting degrees which are Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Associates Degree in Accounting, Masters Degree in Accounting and PhD in Accounting. These are the standard levels of a degree in accounting but what are the different types of degrees in Accounting?

There are 4 types of degrees in Accounting. The first one being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This degree in accounting requires up to 160 course hours spread out over a period of 4 years. This can be classified as the most common type of accounting degree. However, this can one of the most challenging out of the 6 due to the requirement hours spread over 4 years. For those wanting to acquire a degree a.s.a.p, patience is a virtue here.

The second type of degrees in accounting is Certified Internal Auditor. The duration requirement is 2 years for a CIA. This qualification is definitely less challenging than a CPA. A CIA accountant deals with financial data and statements reports.

Third type of degrees in accounting would be Certified Management Accountants (CMA). This degree are usually targeted by accountants looking for a top-level accounting and finance career.

Lastly is Business Accounting and Administration. (BAA) This type of degree is suited towards accounting graduates who are just starting out their career with an entry-level job within an organization.  The qualification program required for this degree can range from one to three years depending on the graduate.


These are the 4 types of degrees in Accounting. Find one that is suited to your needs and level of qualification. As a short brief guideline on which type of qualification you should look out for :-

Accountants with 0-1 year of experience = BAA

Accountants with 1-2 years of experience = CIA

Accountants with 3+ years of experience = CPA

Accountants with 4+ years of experience = CMA

Note: This is just a brief guideline on which qualification you are ready for. For those dedicated graduates who have the determination, knowledge and motivation, the years of experience is irrelevant. Besides doing your accounting degree offline, there are options for an online degree in accounting as well for more convenience.