Bachelor in Accounting

Tips and Information about Getting a Bachelor In Accounting

If you are thinking about getting a bachelor in accounting, you will be happy to know that you are in a position to take advantage of one of the degrees that actually have a precise and clear purpose. Most of the students that have an accounting bachelor degree will end up as accountants and this makes it quite popular since the career path that becomes possible is definitely rewarding.

The problem is that it is not actually one of the easiest job in the world. Some people might say this but you need to know that there is a lot of work to be done. However, if you like it then it should not be a problem and everything will start with a certificate in accounting or an associates degree in accounting.


Our Top Universities for Accounting Bachelor Degree
kaplan university.364x100 300x82 Bachelor in Accounting


B.S in Accounting


BSA in Auditing/Forensic Accountancy


BSA in Managerial Accountancy


BSA in Public Accountancy


BSA in Tax Accountancy

Kaplan University – Bachelor in Accounting Degrees. One of the top reputable institutes in the education world, Kaplan is one of the best accounting schools in our Top Recommended Accounting Universities providing an excellent choice for bachelor accounting programs.


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american intercontinental uni 300x82 Bachelor in Accounting


Bachelor of Accounting


BBA in Accounting

American Intercontinental University – Bachelor of Accounting & BBA in Accounting. AIU offers an excellent Bachelor Accounting Degree program at a very affordable rate. Students looking to pursue a well prepared bachelor degree will find exactly what they are looking for at AIU.


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grand canyon uni 300x82 Bachelor in Accounting


B.S in Accounting

Grand Canyon University – B.S in Accounting. Grand Canyon University has been a premier private university in Arizona, helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential through landing the accounting career of their dreams and advancing their accounting career path.


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B.Sc in Accounting


B.S in Business – Accounting

University of Phoenix – B.Sc in Accounting & B.S in Business Accounting. University of Phoenix has over 20 years of experience in online education. University of Phoenix uses a dynamic curriculum to enhance each students accounting education with an interactive learning enviornment which makes it one of our Top Recommended Accounting Universities.


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What Is The Purpose Of The Bachelor In Accounting Degree? 

The people that become bachelors in accounting are basically groomed to become Certified Public Accountants. It is just like people that want to go into law and will need to pass a bar exam. In the event that you want to become a CPA, a final exam after obtaining a bachelors degree in accounting will be necessary. That exam is not at all easy and you will basically need to know all the tax laws by heart and understand all accounting aspects from credits and debits to equity ratio and credit.

What Will You Learn During Classes?

Year 1

The first year in your coursework towards getting a bachelor in accounting will see you starting with 2 semesters wherein you’ll learn basic accounting. This is basically the foundation of all the knowledge necessary and every single person that has a bachelor of science in accounting degree will know these classes by heart.

The good news is that accounting basics are quite simple and you will easily learn if you have an affinity for what is taught. In the event that you cannot get through the first 2 semesters, it is recommended that you turn towards something else as a bachelor in accounting is not the right career path for you.

Years 2 and 3

In the following college years, the students learn advanced accounting principles. It is obvious that every single person looking for a bachelor of science in accountancy needs to be really good with numbers but another skill that you will need to have or to obtain during the last 2 years of college is logic.

This is mainly due to the fact that balance is a really important part of accounting. One side of an equation has to be equal to the other side. You will quickly see that this will always boil down to logically analyzing all entries.

Other Bachelor in Accounting Classes 

Different accounting degrees feature different classes. This includes math related subjects like probability, statistics or even calculus. Financial classes are also included and this does make sense since every single student getting a bachelor in accounting will also need to know about properly running a business in order to be successful at the job.

Different courses like finance, economics or business management are quite common for the bachelor of accounting programs. Some of these classes are mandatory, while some are not. But if you have the time and resources to take these additional classes, it’s a good idea that you do because they can help you have a better career.

Here are some optional classes that may be available for you:

* Taxation

* Economics

* Communication

* Technical classes on databases and spreadsheets

* Cost management

* Fraud

There’s also a good chance that you’ll be required to take Business Law classes. Most programs would require at least two Business Law classes, with the first one being a pre-requisite of the second one. Financial Management may also be offered as a mandatory class.

Career Options after Getting your Bachelor in Accounting

It’s a good idea to check out the popular career options so you’ll know which path to take. Knowing your preferred career path can help so you can plan your classes accordingly. Here are some of the most popular career options:

* Forensic accountant

* Public accountant

* Corporate accountant

* Government accountant

* Internal auditor

Is the Online Study Option Good?

A lot of people are talking about the possibility of obtaining an accounting bachelor degree online and there is a debate linked to whether or not this will properly prepare them for the work that needs to be done in the future. The truth is that the online option is good if you want to get a bachelor in accounting but you need to be really serious about learning everything that you need to on your own. Most people that fail simply cannot concentrate and study at home. If you do not have this problem and you join an accredited online university, you will learn all that is necessary to become a bachelor in accounting.