Accounting Certificate

What Is An Accounting Certificate?

Are you interesting in becoming an accountant or Certified Public Accountant? Then you are probably wondering how much education you will need as well as what kind of accounting certification the job demands. Well you have come to the right place for all your accounting questions and concerns. This article will explain what are accounting certificates, which courses you should take, and what you should consider while choosing an accounting certificate program.


Our Top Accounting Certificates Schools for 2012

strayer uni 300x82 Accounting Certificate

Diploma in Accounting


Undergraduate Certificate – Accounting: Advanced Accounting Emphasis


Undergraduate Certificate – Accounting: Introductory Accounting Emphasis


Strayer University - Diploma in Accounting. Strayer University offers a wide range of diploma programs for accounting students. Their online accounting diplomas are well known and well trusted.

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post university 300x82 Accounting Certificate

Certificate: Forensic Accounting


Post University - Certificate in Accounting. Post University offers excellent accounting certificate programs for students. In addition to their accounting certificate programs, they also offer certificates for CPA and forensic accounting.

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western international uni 300x82 Accounting Certificate

Certificate in Accountancy

Western International University - Certificate in Accountancy. Western International University is one of the well-known universities to offer a wide range of accredited online programs. Their accounting certificates enable you to quickly prepare for your career.

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What Can An Accounting Certificate Do For You?

An accounting certificate lets potential clients and potential employers know that you are a qualified CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, with adequate accounting skills and knowledge. A certificate in accounting is necessary for anyone who wants an entry-level job in the accounting field. Most accounting certificate online programs require students to have a bachelors degree, but it is common to find programs that will accept undergraduate accounting students who are still pursuing their bachelors degree.

While earning your certificate in accounting you will learn how to run payroll, manage accounts receivable and accounts payable, reconcile bank statements, maintain double entry bookkeeping, and prepare other financial documents. From there you can begin your accounting career or begin pursuing a masters degree in accounting.

Which Accounting Courses Should You Take? 

The average programs for accounting certificates do not require any prerequisites, so you will be able to jump right into your coursework. In order to earn your certificate in accounting, you must take 7 to 10 required classes covering balance sheets, income tax, investments, statements, estate planning, international accounting, retirement planning, financial auditing, internal auditing, and budgeting, as well as computer software and spreadsheet applications. There are also online certificate in accounting programs to choose from for more flexibility of your time as a student.

Many accounting certificate programs at colleges and even online accounting certificate programs offer elective coursework. Those elective courses may or may not be required, but they are a great opportunity for you to get even more out of your accounting certificate program. You will be able take elective classes in business, statistics, economics, management, and law. Some other elective options include financial control, forensic accounting, and partnership taxation.

Choosing An Accounting Certificate Program

Before you sign up to earn your accounting certificate, you should make sure that accounting is the career for you. Keep in mind that holding a certificate in accounting is just the first step in becoming a professional accountant. The certificate gets your foot in the door, but how much farther do you want to go? Make sure that any accounting certificate credentials you earn will transfer to the masters program of your choice. You should also verify that the college of your choice is accredited.

Today, there are multiple choices of accounting certificate programs online to choose from. Many online colleges give students the opportunity to explore free accounting courses online prior to registering, enrolling, or paying for the actual program. Those free courses will give you a chance to preview the basic accounting skills you will be learning. They will also give you a taste for how accounting classes are designed. Finally, while you are evaluating potential colleges or universities that interest you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

 Is this school accredited?

 What is this school’s acceptance rate?

 How many students does this school enroll each semester (or quarter)?

 How much will it cost to attend this school?

Now that you know what an accounting certificate is, which courses you should take, and how to choose an accounting certificate program, you know everything you need to know to get your accounting career started. Hopefully, this information will make it that much easier for you to choose the program that fits your career goals and will grant you the accounting certificate you desire and further increase your qualification with an accounting degree.